The Taisey Agency exclusively uses DSI for training and re-qualifying of all our Armed Security Officers, Investigators and Fugitive Recovery Agents.

We take a professional approach to our development as we use multiple instructors; all of whom have strengths in different areas of firearm training, tactical weapons, police tactics, military tactics, armed security, armed personal defense, unarmed defense. We believe in the team approach to training that will ensure that our staff receives the very best training possible.

Our Agency requires that our Firearms Instructors are all professionals who are certified by the National Rifle Association as Law Enforcement Instructors. In addition most of the instructors we use have P.O.S.T and are Law Enforcement Academy Instructors.

Course Summaries include:
Basic Pistol
 Introduction to Conceal and Carry
Low-Light Pistol Techniques
Police Pistol
Concealed Carry 
Defensive Shotgun
Advance Handgun/Shotgun


Firearm Personnel TRaining