The Taisey Agency, like many professionals in this industry, has specialties. Some include marital infidelity, insurance fraud, post-accident investigations and reconstruction all with expert testimony. The Taisey Agency team of Investigators is committed to the confidentiality of our clients and to provide the best investigative services in this division. The Taisey Agency has access to a nationwide team of licensed investigators for performing legal and ethical investigations of all types. Surveillance, counter surveillance, intelligence gathering, and the dissemination of counterintelligence are all expert practices of the Investigations Division based in Frederick, Maryland, Our professional and licensed private Investigators are highly trained and specialized in many areas in the field of Investigations. Our investigative services can be tailored to any law firm, corporate or private client. We are committed to the highest level of ethics and integrity with every aspect of our professional Investigators. From risk management consulting and private investigations, to corporate security measures, our team of investigators and security specialists is poised to deliver the highest quality of service to every client of The Taisey Agency LLC.

Investigation division