Hiring Off-Duty Police VS. Private Security Officers

Private security and public law enforcement share many of the same goals: preventing crime and disorder, identifying criminals, and ensuring the security of people and property.

Our goal here is to point out some of the differences between the two types of options, private security officers detail and off-duty ​police detail.

​One of the biggest differences between police and private security firms is that police are hired to protect the city, county or state they work for. Private Security firms are hired to protect private individuals and organizations.

Police officers, even while off duty they have to follow the guidelines of the 4th and 1st set out by the US Constitution. Private Security firms on the other hand because they represent private properties have more authority on those private properties than police do.

​Hired to protect, Police also can’t just stop anyone on the property and ask what they are doing (unless a visible crime is being committed or suspected) as this is a violation of a person’s Constitutional Rights which could open the police or property owner up for a civil suit. Private security is hired by the property owner and therefore have the right to interrogate who they want when they want while on duty.

​When police work off-duty assignments, more than likely they are doing this as an addition to their full-time job as a police officer and therefore might be less focused than a security officer whose main position is that one and only duty. Private security officers do this work full-time and therefore do not want to lose their full-time income, whereas police officers already have a full time job.

It’s a two for one deal. Police officers cost almost double that of private security. That means by hiring private security you can have two security officers protecting your property and assets.

​Insurance issues: Private security firms are fully licensed and insured for private duty. Having that covered will help you sleep better at night. It is not the duty of towns and cities to insure their officers off-duty.

Private Security Duty are legally protected.  Police officers have to worry about their full time jobs being affected by what they do part-time. Getting involved in an civil or legal matter could affect their full time job, so they have to be more careful how involved they get. Private security officers are hired to keep these legal or civil matters at bay.

​Civil Matters are part of the job for private security officers both civil and criminal law are their responsibilities in private security duty. For police officers, criminal duty is their specialty, civil matters such as property owner rights etc are not part of what they are trained for.

​Police are highly qualified and have a very difficult job protecting the public domain from crime.  But properly qualified, equipped and Supervised Security Officers can be a better, more cost effective option for business owners, property owners etc.